The Icing on the Cake

The ‘gay cake’ fight: why the bakers had a right to refuse this order As the UK Supreme Court hearing of the Ashers’ Case came to a close last week, Kenan Malik in The Guardian, argues that the case has nothing to do with discrimination and everything to do with freedom of consciences.


A Story of Mercy & Conversion

How mercy rather than judgment brought one woman to God Is a moving account of how Leticia Ochoa Adams‘ experience of compassion, understanding and love brought her to the Catholic Church.

Archbishop Chaput: a Call to Chivalry

Memory, Sex and the Making of ‘the New Man‘ is a call to arms. At a Christian men’s conference in February, Archbishop Chaput urged his listeners – and all men – to “recover what it means to be men, and especially how to live as Christian men of substance and virtue .Chivalry is dead only if we men cooperate in killing it …”.

St Joseph: Inspiration for Fathers and Husbands

St Joseph & Overcoming the Fear of Fatherhood Daniel Stewart at Catholic Exchange offers a reflection on St Joseph, the earthly father of Jesus, and model and inspiration for all fathers – especially when they feel inadequate to the task.

Dignity in Death?

Wow! How many people are Flemish doctors REALLY euthanasing? Michael Cook at MercatorNet reports on the disturbing disparity between actual and reported euthanasia in Flanders. Nor is Flanders the only place where doctors are not recording euthanasia on death certificates. In “Oregon, and other American states which copied their legislation, doctors list the underlying condition as the cause of death, not assisted suicide — as if President John F. Kennedy died of Addison’s disease rather than an assassin’s bullet.